As a 22 Canadian born with Asian parents – I get it. There are times that your cultures don’t align. While some people may look at me as spoiled, there will be the select few of you that will understand where I’m coming from. You will understand how strict parents can really influence your self-esteem. How you feel lost and don’t necessarily know what to do other than suck it up – and keep moving forward, hoping that one day this all stops.

Well, that’s what I’m going through. Although, I found that my asian family isn’t necessarily the best listeners. But that’s okay – this is where this blog comes in. This blog is where I will store my letters, the things I wish I could say out loud. This is also a way for me to support each and every one of you – each of you that are dealing with the same struggles, no matter what race you are. Growing up with different cultures in North America is challenging, but I’m always here to help you out.

So feel free to contact me, send me a message. Let’s chat and figure out ways to boost each of our self-esteems.